A lil bit about me,

Hey y'all, I'm Sarah Doerner. I'm originally from Denver, Colorado but I've been yelling at people in LA traffic since 2016. When I'm not taking up my time with fashion, coffee, or designing I can most likely be found acting, writing, and directing. I'm graduating from Studio School: Los Angeles in May of 2020 with my BFA in Acting for Film + Television. 

Watch out world, I'm comin' for Ya ;-)


My current projects...

Showcase 2020

While the original, live showcase was cancelled due to the worst guy at a party, COVID-19, do not fret! The senior acting class at Studio School: Los Angeles has decided to take their showcase online. Keep posted for more info and links to cure your quarantine boredom!

The Dandelion Cortex

My most recent film, The Dandelion Cortex is currently in post-production and is set to release in May! This film follows Quinn coming to terms with her sister's death and travels into an alternate universe to come face to face with her biggest demon, her negative thoughts. You can watch the trailer to your left now! 

    All The In-Between:

Hollywood Fringe Festival

I'm currently in rehearsals for the original work "All The In-Between". While the original production dates were set for June, the new schedule for the Hollywood Fringe is set for October! This play follows two women, their breakup, and a bird who won't stop interrupting.

    Doerner Designs

I have finally started my own small design business! I've enjoyed designing websites since I was a junior in high school and decided to take the plunge. I'm currently doing websites, business cards, postcards, and flyers. You can contact me through my Instagram account or my email for rates!


What I'm up to right now...

Get in touch with me!

EMAIL: doernersarah@gmail.com

INSTA: @sarah_doerner

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